About Us

Your global recycling materials partner

Connect Recycling Ltd provide a high quality,  professional and fully compliant recycling solution to businesses across the UK and GLOBALLY.

With over 10 years of experience, we have a vast amount of knowledge and expertise within the waste recycling industry working with private and public sector businesses. We are always looking for further opportunities to help meet the global challenges of managing waste and encouraging the re-introduction of these commodities as re-created goods back into the economy.

Our recycling solutions not only guarantee total quality control along the supply chain but also guarantee competitive prices across all of our materials.

  • Audited and quality-checked suppliers and end-customers.
  • Our own quality focused warehousing and stock management in the UK and abroad ensures correct stock is delivered into and despatched out of our sites.
  • High resolution photo & video footage of deliveries and despatches.
  • Strong road and sea freight connections with our preferred partners provide confidence of delivery on time.
  • Paper trail transparency from suppliers to end-customers ensuring all materials are traceable from start to finish.
  • Global business managers and associates providing the highest quality service in the UK and across the globe.

“Making the circular economy possible”

If you need any help or information please contact us on our enquiry form us by using the details below.

“Our quality management focused business model is constantly being refined and fine-tuned to get better and better. We will continue to develop stronger relationships with suppliers and end customers who share the same values as Connect Recycling. Together we will progressively contribute to overcoming the global waste challenges while ensuring commercial viability.”